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Ethical Frameworks

All of the therapists who provide their services to Stepping Stones Counselling and Psychotherapy Limited are required to work to ethical frameworks of the accrediting bodies they are registered to within the field of counselling and psychotherapy, and are held to account within supervision regarding their ethical practice.


Certified EMDR Therapists also adhere to an additional ethical framework. It is important to understand that some therapists train outside of a recognised EMDR UK Association training provider, and therefore whilst they are able to provide EMDR therapy using their additional skills rightfully gained, they do so with the support of their original accrediting body rather than a specialist EMDR accrediting body.  This is additionally why some of our therapists have 'additional EMDR training' listed, rather than being a 'Certified EMDR Therapist', which is a 'protected term'.


These ethical frameworks can be found below:








EMDR UK Association:


You will be able to find which framework(s) your therapist works according to, on our 'Our Counsellors' page.

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