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Stepping Stones Counselling and Psychotherapy Limited

Founded in 2017, Stepping Stones originally consisted of our Managing Director and Consultant Psychotherapist, Rebekah, providing therapy for 999 staff at £15 per session and reduced fee sessions for private clients, whilst she led another service as Head of Counselling. 

It soon became very apparent that Stepping Stones needed to become more substantial, and so Stepping Stones Counselling and Psychotherapy (which became a Limited company in 2020) was born and additional therapists were brought into the service, including Fiona, who is now our Clinical and Safeguarding Co-ordinator, and Jo, who is one of our Senior Counsellors and Assessors. 

Our Ethos

At Stepping Stones, we believe that mental health difficulties are a part of life which can, and do, affect anyone, at any stage in their lives, no matter their income, gender, sexuality, physical abilities, race, religion, job role or culture.

We therefore are committed to reducing the stigma surrounding mental ill
health and accessing support, and to ensuring that therapeutic support is
available, for everyone, within a warm, welcoming and safe environment
and from therapists who are dedicated to working wholly in conjunction with

their clients’ needs.


In recognising our services’ roots in supporting the vital part that 999 and
NHS services play for people with mental health difficulties, as well as the
impact their work all too often has on 999 personnel, we continue to
specialise in working with this group of workers and continue to provide reduced fee therapy for all ambulance, police and fire staff, and all staff working within
the NHS. This highly regarded scheme has seen our team providing
therapy for a wide range of professionals including
paramedics, police officers, ACP’s, fire fighters, Physiotherapists, nurses,

porters, AHP’s, doctors and surgeons as well as managers and

commissioning staff.

After the success of this low fee service, our Managing Director has chosen to expand the service to everyone, so that accessible counselling is available in the areas surrounding our consulting rooms (Worthing and Haywards Heath, West Sussex, but also online), for anyone who needs it. 

Our Vision

We aim to provide a high-quality service to every client who reaches out to
us, and we endeavour to begin to reduce the anxiety of accessing therapy
from the moment a client makes their first contact with us.


Alongside this, we are committed to continuing to raise the profile of
Stepping Stones as a well-regarded and recognised therapy provider in
local communities, as well as within the unique world of first responders

and the NHS. 

These aims are both with the intention of working hard to reduce the stigma
of mental health difficulties, as well as ensuring that accessing support for
our mental wellbeing becomes as normal as visiting the doctor for our

physical wellbeing.


It really is OK, not to be OK.


In 2023, Rebekah began to develop our service into her ultimate goal of
broadening Stepping Stones to become a wellbeing hub, where a range of
professionals offer consultation and clinics that are accessible for as many

people as possible.

In building our team of Associate Wellbeing Services, we now have
hypnotherapists, a range of specialist counsellors, body therapists,
coaches and holistic therapists working alongside our team, and we hope
to expand this to include medics, debt advisors and housing support teams

over the coming year.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the button below.

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