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Concerns and Complaints

Sometimes there are areas which sadly don't go well in therapy, and we believe that it is very important that you feel able to share these with us as quickly as possible in order that we might then rectify any issues promptly, and enable the therapeutic sessions to continue.


Within this, we would always suggest that any immediate concerns are raised in therapy with your therapist, as this is often the best way to iron out any concerns or worries connected to the therapeutic process. All of our therapists receive regular supervision and also have access to additional support should they need it, in order that any concerns raised by clients can be explored in a supportive manner with a view to rectifying any concerns held by their clients.


However we also understand that, on rare occasions, it is not possible for a client to raise concerns or complaints with their therapist. 


Should this occur for you, or your loved one, please email us in the first instance on so that we might begin to explore this further with you.  Where appropriate, we will access our complaints procedure in order to manage and respond to your complaint as effectively as possible. We would ask that you do not act on behalf of a loved one (unless they are a child), as we are bound by GDPR legislation relating to any discussions regarding client contact.


Please understand that we do not access emails outside of our office hours but will endeavour to respond to you as soon as we receive your message.


Serious Complaints


On the very rare occasion that a serious complaint needs to be raised regarding the conduct of a therapist, you are, of course, entitled to raise matters of concern with the therapists' accrediting body. You can find which body they work within by looking at the team page, and then the relevant accrediting body's website.


We would, however, politely ask that you also pop us an email about your complaint on the email address above, so that we might liaise with you regarding the situation, as well as take any appropriate action within our service.  


Thank you,


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