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The Stepping Stones Network

Stepping Stones is formed of professionals, from a range of backgrounds and offering a range of wellbeing based services, who work within the network built within our service.


The network is led by Rebekah, our Managing Director and Clinical Lead, who is committed to continuing to advance the service provided by Stepping Stones in order to ensure the highest quality of service for all clients who place their trust in professionals working within our network.


To this end, Rebekah carefully selects those who work either as Senior Counsellors, Placement Counsellors or Associate Counsellors and will not bring anyone into the network who is not willing to work within, and adhere to, the ethical standards and guidelines provided by the Ethical Frameworks relative to their practice. Rebekah is also committed to ensuring that all professionals working within the network are attending regular supervision and are seeking to expand and challenge their practice using CPD.

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